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New guys ready to check in by Chokee96
New guys ready to check in
The guys stepped out of the trailer and blinked in the sunlight which shone bright above the Lazy Horse Stables. Forrest was a bit nervous and danced as Gergő led him down the ramp, but he soon realized he was safe and followed his new owner calmly. Darling wasn't bothered by his move at all. He looked around curiously, checked the grassing horses on the meadows and followed Jonatan happily. The two stallion were placed on a meadow so they can take a rest after the big travel.
Lisa and her mom Penelope went to take a look at them...and it was love at first sight ;)

Thank you Ikiuni for letting me adopt these beauties! ;)
Big Boy by Chokee96
Big Boy
Name: RH Suklaamuru
Finnish lesson: suklaa meand chocolate and muru means a crumb (means also sweety, darling).
Gender: Stallion
Breed: Finnhorse
Colour: chestnut splash
Genes: ee AA nSpl
JoinMe Designs 2 by Ikiuni
20150520 153842-1-2 by Chokee96
20150520 153842-1-2
Name: Forrest (new name: Odin)
Named after Forrest Gump.
Gender: stallion
Breed: unknown
Colour: Bay roan
Genotype: Ee Aa nR
- face: snip, partial badger face (inverted star)
- legs: fetlock on all legs
- body: Roan markings
Eyes: olive green
Damage: Right eye cut out
.:100 Points Designs - Ikiuni:. by BlueMoonStables

BG story (written by BlueMoonStables :heart:):

I guess I have been used my whole life.. but perhaps most horses are. I've never held a grudge against humans though. I guess they just don't understand.

I was a jumper. And I liked it too. I won most competitions and I enjoyed the attention. My owners were proud of me and they treated me well. But there were those who didn't like me at all it seems.. I could often see them arguing with my owners, yelling at each other. I didn't really mind though.. but perhaps they were angry with me?

These persons.. the cut my right eye out.. with someting sharp and painful.. I was struggling and fighting.. the pain was overwhelming.. but no one heard me it seems.. I was all alone with the strangers.. I could feel warm liquid running down my cheek.. before they could cut my other eye out, I heard something.. a door?

I noticed that they panicked, and they quickly put someting over my face, forcing me to follow them as they led me out.. I didn't know what else to do. They led me into some sort of truck, and as they drove I could smell death in the whole truck..

We arrived at a horrible place.. I could hear horses screaming in pain.. they were tortured.. shotten.. cut up.. sliced.. ending up in small cans.. the bad people forced me into the building and as I saw the killing with my own remaining eye, my instincts yelled at me to try to get out.. even if I would get killed for it, I was not allowed to give up..

But I was saved.. me and the remaining horses. The bad people was taken away, and we were loaded into a new truck, but a much nicer one.. we got cared for. I just couldn't trust them though..

I still can't.. I don't know if I ever will.. but there are good people, and there are bad. I know that much.. for us horses, it's all just about luck..

Personality (written by BlueMoonStables :heart:):

I easily fall into my own thoughts. I'm thinking about lots of different stuff. I'm in my own world, where everything is perfect. A paradise :) I love spending my time that way.

I love to compete! I hope I can do that again sometime.. I love the attention and the love I get after winning! I can't see as well as I used to, but perhaps, just perhaps.. I will be able to compete again? At least once maybe..?

I don't like being tied! I swear something bad will happen! Please don't keep me tied! I can't escape.. I pace around alot when I'm tied.. I get so nervous! :(

Small dogs.. they are so noicy and scary! They are everywhere at once, I can't seem to keep track of where they are.. they scare me by suddenly popping up :(

I often bully younger horses.. they are annoying and young.. what? I'm not jelous..! They are just.. annoying.

I love to compete, but the bridle is awful! I don't want anything on my face! It might hurt me somehow! Please come up with something else..? .. but I'm higher than you so I can just hold my head up :) ... but then I can't compete, can I? :(

I love bananas! They are sweet and soft and so yummi >w< if you give me one, I might let you bridle me..


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